Sample manipulator

Sample manipulator (watch on YT) is useful for every Hydrawedge user. We offer it in various versions depending on Hydrawedge type and loader used. If you have any questions or want to ask us for an offer, just send an email. We will also need additional photos of your Hydrawedge chamber and loader. Thanks to it we will offer the right version of our manipulator. So please don’t forget to send these photos to us.

First time we introduced sample manipulator during DSI seminary in Erlangen Germany. It was in 2018. Until now we improved our product and we are ready for selling. Once again, thanks to the DSI Team, especially Dan and Leo, for support and the possibility to introduce sample manipulator to many Hydrawedge users during DSI Webinar 17th of June 2021.

Special thanks to Mr Zdzisław Łapczyński and Piotr Głowacki from Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy in Gliwice Poland for asking me 7 years ago for something that never existed before – sample manipulator. Today I can say: „yes it is possible and works great 🙂 „

Radosław Szklarek


Q: What is the price of Hydrawedge sample manipulator?

A: The price depends on the Hydrawedge type and loader used. Please send us an inquiry as well as photos of your Hydrawedge and loader version. We will check it and send you an offer via email.

Q: What is the worldwide shipping realized?

A: The worldwide shipping is realized by DHL or UPS.

Q: What about the sample manipulator guarantee?

A: The guarantee time is 2 years since the manipulator’s purchase date.

Q: Is there any risk to use a sample manipulator with Hydrawedge I or II ?

A: To avoid any Hydrawedge damages as well as manipulator and the sample, you must install a manipulator according to the installation guide. This is very important and it can’t be ignored. In case of the wrong installation process there could be an electric connection between anvils and manipulator through the left pressing head arm. It means that during the process the manipulator will be heating the same as the sample and it will be damaged. The Hydrawedge equipment may be damaged in the same way.

Q: What is the order realization time?

A: At this moment we are collecting the inquiries. The final price strongly depends on the quantity demanded. The production time is estimated to be 12 weeks since it started.